Sayashi Riho To Release Autobiography

Sayashi Riho

Former 9th generation Morning Musume member Sayashi Riho has announced the release of an autobiography titled 17sai no Ketsudan.

The book will talk about her life, her love of dance when she was 6, as well as her experience as a member of being part of Morning Musume until her graduation.

There will be photos of her graduation that aren’t available anywhere else as well as an interview alongside other photos from her career.

The announcement of her graduation was indeed a surprising one, but most idols usually don’t write books shortly after chronicling their lives so it is certainly a surprise to see her doing this.

Of course it’s a nice opportunity for fans to check it out and see just how her life is like and it seems like we’re in for a treat since she is among the most unique members in recent times.

Well worth getting for fans of Morning Musume!

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