Former Country Girls Member Inaba Manaka Joins Juice=Juice

inaba manaka

Former Country Girls member Inaba Manaka has joined Juice=Juice.

As many are aware, Inaba Manaka left Country Girls in August 2016 as a result of her asthma. She took a break from performing in order to recover before coming back as the leader of Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido in 2017. From there her activities have been monitored to make sure that she doesn’t have any issues while performing.

Thankfully it seems like her asthma has improved to a point where she can perform like before and we get the rather surprising news that she has joined Juice=Juice.

juice=juice inaba manaka

The big question many still have is what her status is with Country Girls. Despite performing every once in a while and being relatively quiet, this group is still active. Seeing her make a return there would be fun, although the news of her joining Juice=Juice is already amazing enough.

Welcome to Juice=Juice Inaba Manaka!

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2 thoughts on “Former Country Girls Member Inaba Manaka Joins Juice=Juice

  1. Welcome to the Fruit=Basket, Manakan!

    This will cause a lot of questions (and a lot of salt), but this is actually great! Her famed dancing skills will blend in wonderfully with Juice=Juice, combined with her unique voice. (Plus, it’s not like she’s totally separated from her fellow Country Girls. She’ll habe Yanamin by her side.)

    Congrats! 💖 Now to await the announcement of official colors (and unofficial fruits, by way of the fans who remember that concept).

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    1. She is going to be an amazing addition to the group! I’ll have to see more about these unofficial fruits, it sounds pretty fun 😁


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