Kobushi Factory Announce 3rd Single

Kobushi Factory

Kobushi Factory have announced the release of a 3rd single titled Bacchikoi Seishun / Samba! Kobushi Janeiro as well as a 3rd untitled song.

Releasing July 27th, the 3rd song will be used for an event titled Idol Matsuri for which Kobushi Factory is the official supporter of.

There will be 6 editions in total: 3 regular and 3 Limited editions.

While the details are somewhat vague, it’s always good to see an up and coming idol group like Kobushi Factory announce their next single.

Adding in to the excitement is that they are getting some nice promotion from the Idol Matsuri event, which should definitely help boost sales.

Covers and previews of the songs should be releasing sometime soon, so make sure to stay tuned!

Idol Matsuri | Hello! Project

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