E-girls “STRAWBERRY Sadistic” MV Released

E-girls Strawberry Sadistic

E-girls have released the MV for their song titled STRAWBERRY Sadistic.

Releasing June 15th as part of an album titled HiGH&LOW ORIGINAL BEST ALBUM, the album will feature songs from GENERATIONS, THE SECOND, EXILE, and several other artists.

The MV for the most part shows off the members dressed up in pink as they dance in talented E-girl fashion. That, combined with the harsher personality that the members show off in this MV is nothing short of impressive.

Sure, the song might be a tad off at times but I am enjoying the looks and settings we get to see for all of the members. From Yankee to more punk styled outfits, each look fits in with the setting where they sing.

Make sure to check it out since it’s certainly a bonus for fans of this talented group!

High Low Original Best Album E-girls