Shuukan Idol – Niji no Conquistador Graduation, Idol MVs Galore, and More

Niji no Conquistador Senjo no St. Valentine

Many MV releases this week from Dorothy Little Happy, callme, Passpo☆, Flower, and more! Babyraids JAPAN and Cheeky Parade make their way overseas, and same day graduation from Niji no Conquistador?!

Due to the massive amount of news this week we decided to share our top 10 headlines this week!


> [Editorial] Tomita Mayu Stabbing Incident

A tragedy happened earlier this week in Japan and as many of you might have already heard it has affected the idol culture and how people look at it. If you haven’t done so please read our editorial regarding Tomita Mayu.

> Niji no Conquistador fire Nagata Minari?!

Out of the blue and among the most shocking news this week was the sudden graduation of Nagata Minari. No details were given and the only clues we have are that she breached her contract so many are still left wondering what happened. Will we ever find out?

> Babyraids JAPAN make their way to Paris alongside Cheeky Parade for Japan Expo

Babyraids Japan and Cheeky Parade pack their bags and make their way across Europe to Japan Expo this summer! Fans in the area make sure to go and support them as they share their music overseas.

> Okai Chisato to go on hiatus due to vocal cord nodules

C-ute’s Okai Chisato recently announced that she would be undergoing surgery and taking a break from the group to get better due to a vocal cord issue. Get well soon!

> Passpo☆ introduce themselves in the MV for “7’s Up”

Passpo☆ have revealed an MV made up of scenes from their latest live for their song 7’s Up. Not related to beverage, the song features the members singing about themselves for fans and is well worth a look!

> Dorothy Little Happy sing to the skies in the MV for “Bicolor no Koigokoro”

Dorothy Little Happy might be a duo, but their songs are as strong as ever including their latest single. Make sure to check it out since it’s upbeat, catchy, and a must have single for this summer!

> Up Up Girls show the joys of public transportation in the MV for “SEVEN☆PEACE”

Ok, it might not have much to do with public transportation, but Up Up Girls sing their ways into our hearts with a strong ballad to complete their latest single.

> Flower share an emotional MV with us for “Yasashisa de Afureru You ni”

While simple, Flower have shared their cover of JUJU’s song with us and it’s a masterpiece for fans of dramas. Well worth a look for those who love the slower pace of ballads.

> callme confess to us in the MV for “Confession”

Do you love piano? Do you love idols? Well callme have you covered with their latest single featuring a swing style that is sure to catch the eyes of many. Which do you prefer, Dorothy Little Happy or callme?

> STEREO JAPAN party it up in the streets of Japan in the MV for “Dancing again”

Do you love seeing confused pedestrians staring at a bus carrying idols, fans, and EDM music? STEREO JAPAN have you covered with a catchy EDM styled MV for fans to enjoy.


> Review incoming next week

Not much to update this week apart due to the massive amount of news that happened, but expect to see a review next week! Most likely it will be Dempagumi’s latest album since I have that almost done.


Maybe 7 idol MVs were not enough for you? In that case we have you covered with this week’s MV from S/mileage.

Today is Tamura Meimi’s last day as member of ANGERME, and we decided to go back to the past to her 1st single as a full official member (not submember).

What was your highlight of the week? Share your feedback with us in the comments.

Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you again on the next one!