STEREO JAPAN “Dancing Again” MV Released

Stereo Japan

STEREO JAPAN have released the MV for their upcoming single titled Dancing Again.

Released back on May 4th, the single also features the track RUN which also has an MV.

STEREO JAPAN are EDM idols, so naturally music that wants to make you move is their specialty. Thankfully it seems like they’ve found a way to share those catchy beats with Japan: the ultimate party bus (aka EDM bus).

Going through the streets of Japan the members alongside fans (who apparently paid 15000 Yen for the ticket) pump out those sweet tunes as they dance inside to the delight of crowds of confused pedestrians.

Dancing Again is surprisingly not that upbeat, instead going for a more laid back EDM style as the members sing in a ballad style. In a way it matches Daft Punk and the softer Perfume we’ve been hearing lately, which is a nice touch.

It’s an interesting MV and one that is worth checking out for those who haven’t bought a copy of the single!

Stereo Japan Dancing Again Album


  1. Dancing Again
  2. RUN


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