Stereo Japan “RUN” MV Released

Stereo Japan Dancing Again Album

Stereo Japan have released the MV for their song RUN.

RUN is part of their upcoming single titled Dancing Again will be released on May 4th.

If you follow us on twitter, you might be aware of the group and their current situation: Sell 10,000 copies of the single or disband. Also, if Nanako fails to run a marathon the group disbands. Naturally, this means that there is pressure on the group and support from fans is … mixed.

The like bar on the MV is basically a reflection of fans at the moment: half supporting the group for this unique promotion, and the other half feeling a tad insulted.

This is mainly due to how the “marathon” happened: Nanako ran 50m and promptly handed a sash over to a fan to run in her place.  Why? In order for fans to turn for Nanako they had to buy 5 CDs to be allowed to run for her for 1km.

Sure, it’s a unique strategy and you’re getting exposure but the Twitter account for the group posted pictures of fans, or “otaku” as they referred to them, running while the members relaxed in a van. Naturally, this isn’t the best look for a group that’s on the border of disbanding.

Whatever the case, the song itself is catchy and quite solid. I just wish there had been a more creative way to include fans other than making them run for the members by buying multiple copies of the CD.

Will they disband? We shall see but at the moment I strongly believe the whole disbandment situation might be just something to generate publicity (basically what BiS used to do).

Regardless, get a copy of the single to support the group if you enjoyed the song, it’s quite solid (regardless of the MV)!