Tomita Mayu Has Regained Consciousness

Tomita Mayu

Tomita Mayu, the underground performer who was stabbed by a man outside of a concert venue, has regained consciousness.

This is the 1st time she has woken up in the two weeks since the incident. The police department will brief her regarding the attack once her condition stabilizes and she has received the approval from her doctor.

According to various news outlets, the injuries missed her vital organs.

Hearing the announcement that Tomita Mayu had woken up is a relief to say the least, and we’re happy to see that she is finally conscious.

Of course, her condition needs to stabilize before we can hear her side of the story, but due to the attack it seems like amazing news for her and her family.

You can read more details about what happened and our opinion in our Tomita Mayu Stabbing incident editorial.

News24 | Sankei

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