Momoiro Clover Z Trans America Ultra Live Details Released

Momoiro Clover Z America Tour

Momoiro Clover Z have released details for their upcoming United States tour titled Trans America Ultra Live.

Kicking off in November, the tour will take place through three areas.

  • November 15th – Hawaii
  • November 17th – Los Angeles
  • November 19th – New York

VIP tickets will be available and will include a pre-show special talk with the group.

Information about ticket prices or the venue haven’t been revealed but it’s great to finally have some dates so that fans in the cities listed above can start planning.

Those who are in Japan and are looking to follow the group as they make their way are in for a treat since there are some tour packages available for FC members.

Make sure to check out the site and once ticket details are released we’ll update!

Momoiro Clover Trans America Ultra Live