ANGERME Announce New Member Kasahara Momona

ANGERME Kasahara

ANGERME have announced the addition of a new member: Kasahara Momona.

Announced at the start of the 2016 Hello! Project summer concerts, the addition of Momona has been confirmed on the Hello! Project site.

With the graduation of Tamura Meimi and Fukuda Kanon, it seems like a logical step for this talented idol group that there be new members and it seems like they have made a great choice.

ANGERME Kasahara Momona

According to her profile, it seems like Kasahara has 9 years of ballet experience, which should come in handy with the multiple dance numbers the group has to do. She also likes classical music and comes from the Kanagawa prefecture.

Welcome to ANGERME and Hello! Project Kasahara Momona!

Hello! Project

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