SKE48 “Tabi no Tochuu” MV Released

SKE48 Tabi no Tochuu MV

SKE48 has released the MV for Miyazawa Sae’s graduation song titled Tabi no Tochuu.

The track is part of SKE48’s 19th single titled Chicken LINE which will be released on March 30th. The MVs for the rest of the single have been released previously.

Packed full of members of Team K, the song is slow and matches the feeling that many fans will have as they see Miyazawa leave. I generally don’t like ballads but the fact that she got to shine and show off her vocals was definitely a reason why this is the perfect release for her.

While Miyazawa Sae’s graduation might be a sad parting point for the group, I am happy to see that she got a solid song full of memories for fans who have followed her through her time as a member.

Make sure to check it out and get a copy of the single since the release is fast approaching!

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