SKE48 “Chicken LINE” MV Previews Released

SKE48 Kanojo ga Iru MV

SKE48 have released previews for their 19th single titled Chicken LINE.

There were three MV previews released today for this single that will be releasing March 30th. As for the single itself, there will 4 Regular versions, 4 Limited editions, PriPara version, and a mu-mo exclusive theater version.

The previews for the songs are all for for the different edition exclusives, but the main tracklist will feature the b-side titled Houenkyou no Nai Tenmondai. Type D will feature a separate track in honor of Miyazawa Sae’s graduation titled Tabi no Tochuu.

On to the previews!

The 1st preview featuring Team S and Type-A exclusive is titled Kanojo ga Iru and in it we see the girls at an amusement park where they dance in front of the rides with a nice filter on the shot to give it a sunset look.

It could be a commercial for an amusement park, but instead we get to see the members having fun and enjoying the day while singing a somewhat “too” calm song. It does have its ups but overall I wasn’t that impressed with this one.

Up next, we have Team KII and their Type-B exclusive song Kiss Position and here we see more of a traditional idol sound with the members smiling and dancing at the camera while doing classic cute poses.

The tone of the song is upbeat, catchy, and well suiting of the members and it goes well with the cafe setting that we get to see. Of course we don’t get to see much since it’s short but there is a small story in the MV with Obata Yuna and Ego Yuna as famous celebrities being recognized at a cafe (after they stare at a waiter).

Great song, and even better MV since it has a cute theme with a colorful dance shot as well as a simple, but fun story included.

Finally, we have Team E and their Type C song Is that your secret? and this one is the interesting one out of the bunch. Instead of a happy go lucky setting we see the members chase down a paparazzi after he takes pictures of the members.

The song itself is calm tone to it and it matches the motif of the video nicely since it has a somewhat unsettling tone. Sure, the song might not be good but I’ll definitely check out the MV since it has a unique theme with a Fight Club style ring of idols.

Solid releases from SKE48 today, so check out the MVs after the break and let us know which one you prefer the most!

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Team S – Kanojo ga Iru

Team KII – Kiss Position

Team E – Is that your secret?

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