Aikawa Maho Graduates From ANGERME and Hello! Project

ANGERME Aikawa Maho

Aikawa Maho has announced that she will be graduating from ANGERME and Hello! Project as a result of her panic disorder.

At the start of January, Aikawa Maho announced that she would be taking a break due to a diagnosed panic disorder. After more than a year of no updates we finally got the news that she has indeed decided to leave.

According to the notice, her symptoms have been getting better and she has been able to attend university for spring. But, her ability to perform on stage was not able to be addressed and after a talk with her parents it was decided that she would graduate.

Maho commented that despite being able to go to school once more, she has a fear of having panic attacks on stage while performing. She doesn’t know when they might occur and staff and members are unsure of how to deal with them. Instead of making everyone wait she has decided to graduate.

The fact that she has not been active on stage for some time has prepared many for this announcement. However, we still wish her the best and hope that her panic disorder will continue to be treated to let her live a normal life. Best of luck Aikawa Maho!

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