Adds 2 Niji no Conquistador Members To Their Lineup nemoto nagi kaname rin have announced the addition of 2 Niji no Conqusitador members to their lineup.

This surprising announcement comes after the abrupt notice that Moga Mogami would be leaving the group immediately due to her poor health back in August.

The new members are Niji no Conquistador’s Nemoto Nagi and Beboga!’s Kaname Rin (Perorin). They were revealed at a recent live at Osaka Hall where it was confirmed that Nemoto’s member color would be green and that Perorin would keep her yellow member color from Beboga!

For those worried about whether or not they will continue with Niji no Conquistador, you can rest easy. They will continue to be part of their respective groups (a concurrent position), in a similar way Country Girls members are part of Morning Musume, ANGERME, etc while still being active in their own group.

Along with the addition of new members, announced the release of a new, currently untitled, single and a tour. No info is known about it apart from a song that was performed at the event called Girametasu Denpa Stars, which is a song about the member’s feelings of having a new lineup.

This single will be released on April 2018. | OHP