’s Mogami Moga Announces Withdrawal Mogami Moga member Mogami Moga has announced her immediate withdrawal from the group.

According to her graduation notice, she finds it difficult to balance her mind and body despite her wanting to be on stage with the rest of the group. This comes as a result of her poor physical condition which has caused her to miss several performances and cancel appearances.

She decided to leave the group as a result of her poor physical condition and to not trouble fans any longer. will continue with only 5 members.

With the sudden announcement and her poor physical condition it seems like there will be no graduation event.

It’s a surprising announcement that not many were expecting since seemed to have a fairly solid lineup. However, being an idol does take its toll on the body as a result of several media appearances, concerts, and singing on a daily basis.

She will continue doing individual activities, most likely as an actress, while looking after her physical condition.

We wish her the best of luck and hope that can continue as strong as ever with 5 members!

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