[UPDATE] Nogizaka46’s Nakamoto Himeka Announces Graduation

Nogizaka46 Nakamoto Himeka

Update: According to a personal blog post, she will also retire from the entertainment industry. She intends to slow down and rest upon her graduation.

Nogizaka46 member Nakamoto Himeka has announced that she will graduate from the group.

The announcement was done on the official Nogizaka46 site and by Himeka herself on her radio show Radio! Sunday, where she revealed that she will be leaving due to her poor health.

She announced an activity pause earlier this year in order to recover from an unknown condition, returning shortly after in April. Unfortunately, it seems like her condition prevented her from being part of several activities upon her return and ultimately caused her to decide to graduate.

There is no set graduation date, but she will be part of Nogizaka46’s Under Live Zenkoku Tour 2017 ~Kyushu Series~ this October. However, she will not be part of Nogizaka46’s 19th single.

Nakamoto Himeka became part of the group in 2011 and is also known for being the older sister of Su-metal, a member of BABYMETAL.

It’s unfortunate to see that she has been experiencing a poor physical condition, but her decision to graduate was one that most likely came after careful consideration for her health.

We wish Nakamoto Himeka the best of luck and hope that she’s able to recover!


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