Nogizaka46’s Himeka Nakamoto Announces Activity Pause

Nogizaka46 Nakamoto Hadashi

Nogizaka46 member Himeka Nakamoto has announced a pause in her group activities due to poor physical condition.

The cause of the condition is not mentioned, but Nakamoto does mention how she tried her best to work through it citing how she kept in mind her future in the group.

She intends to remain in the group although she will not be featured in Nogizaka46’s 17th single.

While sad, it’s important to keep in mind the amount of energy and physical demands that come as a result of being an idol. Dancing and singing almost every day does take a toll in the body, so it’s wise of her to take a break to rest up.

We look forward to seeing her once more on stage when she gets better.

See you soon Nakamoto!

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