Shuukan Idol – Mo-gone Edition

Fukumura Mizuki Stare

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have two departures from and Nogizaka46. We also get a handful of MVs from AKB48, Flower, Yukueshirezu Tsurezure, and Momoclo. There’s also a special concert announcement for Momusu fans which is pretty awesome.

That and more in our special 7 highlights of the week!


>’s Moga is Mo-gone due to poor health

It’s unfortunate when a member leaves a group, but it’s even more unfortunate to see them be unable to perform due to poor physical health. It seems like Moga has had enough of missing events due to it and had to take an immediate leave from the group. Check out the full post above for more details, and best of luck Moga!

> Nogizaka46’s Nakamoto Himeka is also leaving due to poor health

Poor health took out two idols today, with the second being Nakamoto Himeka. She’s been out of the group for some time due to an unknown condition and it seems like she is unable to continue. Thankfully, fans will be able to say goodbye with a final performance.

> Flower get all black and white at the beach for their Taiyou no Elegy MV

Flower is by far among the most talented idol groups on the scene and their latest release is a masterpiece. With the beach in the background and an artistic black and white filter, we get to enjoy a fairly passionate ballad with some sweet dance moves.

> Momoiro Clover Z get symphonic in the rocking MV for Kyoukai no Pendulum

Was BLAST! a little bit too calm for your taste? Thankfully their newest MV is packed full of dark scenes and symphonic rock for those who like the dark side. It’s a solid release with a cinematic look that is simply amazing. Make sure to listen to it!

> Yukueshirezu Tsurezure are loud in the hardcore MV for Loud Asymmetry

I’m a fan of idols, but I’m also a fan of hardcore music. Not surprisingly, I love Yukueshirezu Tsurezure who combine screams with sweet idol vocals, and their latest release is by far my favorite from them. Packed with mirror effects, we get to enjoy every single member screaming and singing their way into our hearts with intense passion.

> AKB48 take a trip to Okinawa in the colorful MV for #Sukinanda

Watanabe Mayu might be leaving, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t go along with Sashihara Rino and enjoy the beauty of Okinawa. It’s a calm MV but one that has the amazing summer ballad sound that AKB48 are well known for. Grab a coconut, watch out for the dangerous fish at the market, and enjoy this amazing release!

> Morning Musume ’17 announce 20th anniversary concert

Morning Musume will always be my favorite group, and it’s amazing to see that they’re already celebrating their 20th anniversary. Thankfully, they’re doing it in style, with a special concert packed full of fan selected songs. Full details are available above!

Notable mentions:


This week we have RHYMEBERRY and their new song titled peace.

peace is a bit of an interesting release since it’s packed with some solid rapping lines from all of the members but a calm and steady beat. Visually it’s not really an impressive release, with black and white scenes showing members walking in slow motion as they sing. But it’s a solid video that focuses on the music.

The lyrics were co-written by many of the members including MC MISAKI who will also apparently graduate from the group on August 20th, which is unfortunate since she had an interesting voice. Make sure to check out the soft rap below and remember the good times with her!


Make sure to check out some of RHYMEBERRY’s releases below, don’t be slow …. row, row, row? I’ll leave the rapping to them:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned in for the next one!