Morning Musume ’17 Announce 20th Anniversary Concert

Morning Musume 20th Anniversary

Morning Musume ’17 have announced they will be holding a special concert to commemorate their 20th anniversary.

For this concert, fans will be able to vote for their favorite songs as well as the combination of members they wish to see perform these songs. Voting will be open until August 14th with tickets going on sale August 19th.

This concert will take place at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on September 14th.

Taking a glance at the page it seems like they’ve included every single song from every single album and single which is amazing. Hardcore fans will even be pleased to see that units like Tanpopo, Mini Moni, W, Ecomoni, Petitmoni, and even solo songs from Kusumi Koharu, Goto Maki, Abe Natsumi, and Iida Kaori are up for grabs.

You can even vote for the trance remix versions of the songs. That’s amazing.

I’m glad to see that they are doing this special concert since it gives fans a way to join in on the celebration while also honoring the legacy of this amazing group. It’s also impressive that most of the members in the group are actually younger than the group itself.

Make sure to check out the page at the end of this post and vote for your favorite song!

How To Vote

Select your song from the list and fill in the info in the form below like this:

Morning Musume 20th anniversary voting

Once you fill in the info and click submit you will be taken to a screen to confirm your song choice. If you’d like to make a change, click on the bottom right button to go back. If the info is correct, click on the bottom left button to submit.

You should get a blank screen with 投票ありがとうございました。(thank you for your vote).

Morning Musume ’17 20th Anniversary Voting Site