NGT48 Announce 3rd Single, Titled “Haru wa Doko Kara Kuru no ka?”

ngt48 haru doko

NGT48 have announced details for their 3rd single titled Haru wa Doko Kara Kuru no ka?

Out April 11th, the single will be released in Type A, B, C, and Regular.

Honma Hinata has been chosen as the center for the release. NGT48 fans might be familiar with her since she has been the center of other songs, but this will be her first time being the center for the main track.

Here is the lineup for the release:

Team NIII: Ogino Yuka, Oguma Tsugumi, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kato Minami, Kitahara Rie, Sato Anju, Sugahara Riko, Takakura Moeka, Tano Ayaka, Nakai Rika, Nishigata Marina, Hasegawa Rena, Honma Hinata, Murakumo Fuko, Yamaguchi Maho, Yamada Noe

Research students: Kado Yuria, Kusakabe Aina, Seiji Reina, Takahashi Mau, Nakamura Ayuka, Nara Miharu, Nishimura Nanako, Miyajima Aya

There is also an interesting video released where the director of the MV yells at them for some time. It’s confusing, but it does give us a preview for the outfits and gives fans a preview of what’s to come.

It’s great to see that we’re already getting their first release of the year, stay tuned for more details!

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