i☆Ris Remember The Good Times In “Memorial”

iris memorial

i☆Ris remember the good times in the MV for their 15th single titled Memorial.

Out February 21st, the single will be released in 2 editions.

With a title like Memorial, it’s not surprising to see that this MV is packed full of memories. From older single outfits to scenes of the members dancing in white rooms, it’s an adorable video that’s sure to please fans. Add in a delightfully cute song with a fun upbeat instrumental and you have yourself an amazing release.

Check out this fun MV below and check out the covers to check out what’s in store for this release!


iris memorial cd dvd


  1. Memorial
  2. Kirakira Good day
  3. Memorial (instrumental)
  4. Kirakira Good day (instrumental)


  1. Memorial -Music Video-
  2. Memorial -Off Shot Movie-

iris memorial cd


  1. Memorial
  2. Kirakira Good day
  3. Kan
  4. Memorial (instrumental)
  5. Kirakira Good day (instrumental)
  6. Kan (instrumental)