Aikawa Maho Announces Break From ANGERME

ANGERME Aikawa Maho

ANGERME member Aikawa Maho has announced that she will be taking a break from activities due to her recently being diagnosed with panic disorder.

According to the release by Hello! Project, she has been experiencing various symptoms of panic attacks / disorder. Aikawa would frequently experience difficulty breathing, nausea, and seizures, with some of them happening on stage. She expressed surprise upon finding out she had panic disorder but seeks to overcome it.

Her doctor advised her to take a break and rest while she seeks treatment. She plans on continuing her activities with ANGERME afterwards if her condition permits her.

Many have been able to control this by using various medications so her return to the group is likely. Of course, we have to wait and see what happens since she will need to undergo a health check to see if she will be able to come back without putting in danger her health.

We wish Aikawa Maho the best and hopefully we can see her back on stage soon!

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