Happiness “REWIND” MV Released

Happiness REWIND

Happiness have released the MV for REWIND, the group’s 10th single.

Out February 8th, the single will be released in Regular and Limited versions.

Packed full of intense dance scenes, colored thrones, and one slightly awkward twerk scene (2:30 for those curious), Happiness aim to conquer the J-pop scene with their latest single REWIND.

As expected of Happiness, the MV is a delightful blur. Random dance scenes, different settings, and cool outfits all combine to form a stellar release from this talented group. Of course, the police outfits are the main point showing off the members in vests while they dance in an apocalyptic setting reminiscent of Resident Evil.

It’s not exactly my cup of tea (it’s a hit or miss with K-pop styled songs for me), but I do admit that it’s a solid song with the E-girls sound that fans will adore.

Make sure to check out the MV and grab a copy of the single since it’s promising to be a must have release!

Now Printing
Regular (CD Only)



  2. We like it!
  3. REWIND (Instrumental)
  4. We like it! (Instrumental)

Now Printing
Limited (CD+DVD)



Same as Regular


  1. REWIND (Music Video)