Rena Matsui to Charan Po Rantan “Shabon” MV Released

Rena Matsui Charan Po Rantan Shabon

Rena Matsui to Charan Po Rantan have released their nostalgic MV titled Shabon.

Releasing April 6th, the single will be the theme song for the drama Kanagawa-ken Atsugi-shi Laundry Chigasaki. This single will be released in three types, all with the coupling Coffee to Cake:

  • Type A – MV for Shabon
  • Type B – Making of for Shabon
  • Type C – Bonus track titled Karasu-za

As the look for the single suggests, we’re not looking at a typical idol song. Instead, we get to enjoy a throwback to the Jazz era with an upbeat single showing off their vocals packed full of accordions and of course, a lot of clothes washing.

It’s well worth a look for those who enjoy the older Jazz, Swing type of songs since it’s certainly a unique throwback for this unit.

Head over the break to check out the song and of course if you love the song make sure to pick up a copy of this single since it’s a solid one!

Matsui Rena to Charan-Po-Rantan | CDJapan