Fairies “Cross Road” MV Released

Fairies Cross Road

Fairies have released the MV for their 13th single titled Cross Road.

Out August 10th, the single will mark the second chapter for the idol group.

The single will be available in a Regular and Limited edition, as well as a 3rd edition featuring a fan with an image for each member.

The 3rd edition will be a store exclusive and will have a different image of a member for each:

  • TSUTAYA – Momoka Ito
  • Tower Records – Miki Shimomura
  • HMV – Miria Fujita
  • WonderGOO – Mahiro Hayashida
  • Yamada Denki – Sora Nomoto
  • Yamano Music – Rikako Inoue
  • mu-mo – All members

The MV itself has a strong EDM instrumental, where we get to enjoy the members of this talented group as they make their way across the solid white dance stage.

The vocals are on point, with each member giving their all as the camera pans around them.There is only one setting, but the color blends in perfectly with the outfits of the members as they dance making you quickly forget about the minimal look.

Check out the MV and make sure to grab a copy of the single since it’s promising to be a solid release!

Fairies Cross Road Regular



  1. Cross Road
  2. Cosmos
  3. Cross Road (Instrumental)
  4. Cosmos (Instrumental)

Fairies Cross Road Limited



Same as Regular


  1. Cross Road -Video Clip –
  2. Cross Road -Live Version – (2016.5.5 at Maigama Amphitheater)

Fairies OHP