BAND-MAID Announce New Single “YOLO”


BAND-MAID have announced the release of a new single titled YOLO.

Out November 16th, the single will be available in Regular and Limited.

This will be the 1st single release since their major debut, with their last release being an album back in May.

Here is the track list:

  1. YOLO
  2. Unfair game
  3. Matchless GUM
  4. YOLO (Instrumental)

The limited edition will feature that above as well as a band score alongside a sleeve case.

The announcement of a new single also includes the addition of two dates to BAND-MAID’s World Tour:

BAND-MAID World Tour

  • October 30 – Italy at LUCCA COMIC
  • November 1 – Spain at Manga del Barcelona

While their album Brand New MAID has been out only since May 18th, it seems like we’re in for a treat with a new single for us to enjoy this November.

Unfortunately we don’t have much info on the new single apart from the interesting title as well as a track list, but we should hopefully get a few covers, some previews, and an updated band image in the coming months.

Make sure to check out BAND-MAID for their World Tour if you’re in the areas above!