HAJIMETAL featuring Kaneko Rie “Maybe, I’ll be with you” MV Released

HAJIMETAL Kaneko Rie Maybe you

HAJIMETAL featuring Kaneko Rie (The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY) have released the MV for their live-limited single titled Maybe, I’ll be with you.

With a somber and slow tone, the song self described as Best painful summer song manages to capture the dark feelings of loneliness perfectly.

Including scenes of Kaneko walking down a lonely beach, as well as a colorful umbrella losing it’s color, it’s definitely among the more darker of the ballads I’ve heard.

Still, it manages to show off the vocals that Kaneko is capable of fairly well and is well recommended for those who are looking for something a bit more slow.

Currently there are no plans for it to be released outside of lives, but it sounds like a solid song that we hope gets to be released at least digitally.

For now make sure to check out the MV!