BiS Announce 2nd Album, Titled “Re:STUPiD”

BiS Brand New Idol Society

BiS have announced the release of a 2nd album titled Re:STUPiD.

Out February 22nd, 2017, it was announced through a tweet alongside a new tour.

The new tour will be titled Re:STUPiD TOUR and starts January 21, 2017.

No further details have been released regarding this new album but it seems like an interesting move from a group that has barely released their debut album a few days ago.

In a way, it’s a tad worrisome that they are busting out new music at such a fast pace since that usually means that they’re more worried about quantity over quality, which is not good at all. But, I am hopeful that they at least have a good mix of music waiting to kick off the year.

Could it be that they had some ideas for BiS saved for their eventual comeback all this time or could this new album be nothing but remixes of Nerve?

Time will tell, but I’m excited to find out what the full album will contain!

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