BPM15Q Change Name to CY8ER, Add 2 New Members

BPM15q Hakutyumu

BPM15Q have announced that they will be changing their group name to CY8ER.

Alongside the new group name, they will also be adding 2 new members for a total of 4 members.

The new lineup will have their debut on December 24th at a free live at Roppongi CUBE.

While the new name might be a bit on the generic side, it seems like fans are in for a treat since adding new members helps give them endless possibilities to experiment with new sounds.

In fact, this seems to have been hinted with their Best Of album being called BPM15Q all songs, which in hindsight is fairly obvious.

Could we be in for a new sound or will we continue to live in Rinahamu’s yume kawaii EDM world? Stay tuned for any updates once their new lineup performs this coming Christmas!