AKB48’s Nana Owada Announces Graduation

AKB48 Nana Owada
Image credit: Natalie.mu

AKB48 member Nana Owada has announced that she will be graduating from the group.

Announced at Team A’s recent performance, Owada mentioned that she wishes to find herself out of the idol group setting. No graduation date has been set at this time.

It’s certainly an interesting move from the member who was called the ace of her generation, but not all members who join will love the expectations of being an idol. Despite that, she did say she was grateful for her time in the group so fans are sure to be pleased at that response.

For now, it seems like she doesn’t have any future plans, but she didn’t seem to completely deny any further entertainment plans.

Time well tell, but make sure to stay tuned for her final performance!