Shuukan Idol – Idol MV Spectacular and More New Year

This week’s Shuukan Idol is packed with a large variety of MVs from some of the scene’s greatest groups., Moso Calibration, Negicco, predia, SUPER☆GIRLS, and more in our top 6 highlights of the week.


Negicco become kung fu movie stars in the MV for Ai, Kamashitaino

Negicco’s music is retro with an idol touch, something that is hard to find in today’s alternative and EDM idol scene. Packed full of callbacks to older kung fu movies, it’s certainly one of the best releases this December!

predia go full gold in the MV for Kindan no Masquerade

We’ve got our retro idol fix, but my body calls for some EDM and thankfully predia are there to help with their latest release. It’s packed full of gold scenery and vocals that make even the best of singers blush. Well worth a look for those who enjoy a song with a great impact!

SUPER☆GIRLS get groovy for their Koi☆Kirameke-tion!!! MV

Disco music is catchy, and thankfully SUPER☆GIRLS are aware of that. Packed full of catchy beats and fan service (tasteful though), it’s a solid song that is worth a look for those who are looking to enjoy a groovy release from this talented group. go back to the past for their WWDBEST MV are one of my top idol groups simply due to the creativity that goes into their music and music videos. Their latest release is a callback to their previous WWD songs with multitude of sounds that are just fascinating. MVs are notorious for being random, so make sure to check it out!

> Very very happy people! Moso Calibration become CM stars in the MV for Bang Bang No.1

Moso Calibration share a solid track packed with EDM as well as one of the most visually impressive music videos I’ve seen in recent time. In this release, Moso Calibration become TV stars that perform in a variety of fairly common CM styles. It’s a visually impressive release that is worth a look!

Sanmini drop the EDM for their latest single F.A.M.E

3min. were one of those fairly typical idol groups that had catchy EDM releases with a lineup of many members. It seems like that has changed quickly, with their 3rd release featuring only 4 members as well as them going purely by Sanmini. The song is a big departure as well going for an E-girls-styled song that has to be heard to be believed.


One more MV? Alright then, this week we got a new MV release from the slightly futuristic idol unit titled X21. It seems like there have been several changes with the lineup according to the comments, but from what I can tell this release is fairly solid.

Titled Kagami no Naka no Parallel Girl, the single is set for release on December 21st and it has a fairly solid electronic instrumental. The vocals are a tad weak at times, but that chorus is nothing short of impressive with a memorable sound.

Make sure to get a copy of this single and support them since companies that make their MVs available to everyone are always worth supporting!


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!