Shuukan Idol – NMB48 Special, and More

NMB48 Boku Igai

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get more details about NMB48’s 16th single as well as a few updates about groups including PASSPO☆, BABYMETAL, and Tsurezure.

That and more in our top 6 highlights of the week!


> NMB48 overwhelm my senses with MVs for Boku Igai no Dareka, the special solo song Priority, and the c/w tracks for their 16th single

It’s been an active week for NMB48 as they prepare to end the year off with a bang and a new single. Thankfully, none of the videos are region locked so fans will be able to enjoy the interesting mix of sounds that this single contains. But, is it worth getting?

Hajirai Rescue JPN change up their lineup and announce new single

Most groups change up their lineups in the early phases to find the perfect sound for them, and it seems like Hajirai Rescue JPN are the latest group to do so. Adding two new members and parting ways with one, they’re gearing up for their next release with full power.

PASSPO☆ take us on a trip in their new album Cinema Trip

PASSPO (insert star here) have managed to release an interesting series of singles lately, but thankfully fans who have been on the edge will finally be able to enjoy an all new album to kick off the year.

BABYMETAL dominates everything ever, joins Metallica for a performance

BABYMETAL have managed to conquer yet another milestone by joining Metallica for a South Korea performance. Will they ever have time to rest?

YukueShirezu Tsurezure go full metal in the MV for Post Catastrophic

Tsurezure are a group that are fairly underground but they have a strong presence, with this latest release being a big example of that. Yashidare is by far one of the best scream vocalists in the idol world so if you enjoy alternate idols make sure to check them out!

Afilia Saga raise my blood sugar in the MV for Mahou no Chocolate Densetsu

While I do enjoy alternate idols, I’m also a big fan of the more upbeat variety of traditional idols and Afilia Saga are the perfect example. This song is cute, upbeat, and fast paced. The MV doesn’t fall behind with it being a blur of random scenes that are just amazing. Well worth a look!


This week we have a group that many might be familiar with: Kamiyado.

The MV is for their latest single which was released back on December 6th, and it’s safe to say it’s certainly one of the most unique releases. It’s packed with references to several apps and games that have become popular in Japan.

The song is the theme for their film Kamiyado Swan so those who are fans of the video make sure to check out the film, but first, check out the MV itself:

It lacks a certain punch, but it’s still pretty solid. If you’d like to support them make sure to grab a copy of the single:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!