[UPDATED] Spica no Yoru “22 Moji no Love Letter” Live MV Released

Spica no Yoru

UPDATED 2/5: Cover has been added

Chiptune idol duo Spica no Yoru have released a live MV for their track titled 22 Moji no Love Letter.

Out February 22nd, the track is part of their mini album titled Tokyo Days, Tokyo Nights.

Tokyo Days, Tokyo Nights will be the group’s 1st CD release (other songs were digital only) and will feature 2 new songs alongside 4 other songs previously released songs.

The unit consists of ex-Karen’s Girl member Shima Yuika and ex-Sakura Gakuin member Iida Raura. 

22 Moji no Love Letter is on the ballad side, but it has a catchy and unique instrumental that brings to mind the retro era of video games. Packed with vocals from this talented duo, it’s certainly a treat to enjoy if you enjoy video game instrumentals and idol music.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Tokyo Days, Tokyo Nights will be available in many places, with Tower Records and the online shop A!Smart being listed as some of the few places. If you’re able to track it down definitely grab it since it’s a great way to show your support.

Make sure to check out the live MV below!

Spica no Yoru Tokyo Days Tokyo Nights Cover


  1. SPICA
  2. Grasshopper
  3. 22 Moji no Love Letter
  4. YEAH!!!!
  5. Tokyo Days, Tokyo Nights
  6. Lovely Lovely Lovely
  7. Mighty Bomb Jack

A!Smart Shop | Natalie.mu