Morito Chisaki’s 1st Photobook Covers Revealed

Morito Chisaki Photobook Cover

Country Girls member Morito Chisaki has revealed the covers for her 1st self-titled photo book.

Out February 19th, the PB will be released through Wani Books.

When the PB was announced, fans were promised a PB with a unique theme: a series of photos that show off Chisaki throughout the seasons.

It’s a unique theme and one that shows off vibrantly in the regular cover of the photo book where Morito is wearing a seifuku and smiling to the camera. It’s simple, but effective.

The Amazon version is a bit different though:

Morito Chisaki Photobook Amazon
Amazon Exclusive

It still has a school theme to it, but the fact that she is looking up at the camera does give it a unique look that fans who are lucky to get the Amazon version will get to enjoy.

Which will you be getting? Make sure to grab a copy and help show your support!


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