[UPDATED] Fujie Reina Announces Graduation

NMB48 Fujie Reina

Updated 2/10: Fujie’s graduation date has been released

NMB48 Team BII member Fujie Reina has announced her graduation from the group.

According to her, it seems like she has been thinking of her graduation for quite some time due to her 10th anniversary coming up in May. She wishes to be independent and has decided to leave the group to seek new opportunities.

Her graduation date has been revealed to be on April 17th at Orix Theater in Osaka. She will also hold a final performance in her hometown of Chiba on April 14th.

After the announcement that Ota Aika would be leaving upon her 10th anniversary, it seems like Fujie Reina has decided to do the same. It’s not surprising move though since 10 years as an idol is quite the feat, especially for her since she has been part of several teams withing the AKB48 family.

While she might not have mentioned any future plans, we wish her the best and hope to see her somewhere on stage yet again.

Best of luck Fujie Reina!

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