Shuukan Idol – Rina Edition

Shiritsu Ebisu Matsuno Rino

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have news for Tsubaki Factory, Team Syachihoko, Morning Musume, and more for a total of 6 highlights.

Of course, the most notable highlight was the untimely passing of Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku member Matsuno Rina. It might not be much, but we’d like to dedicate this Shuukan Idol edition to her.


Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku’s Matsuno Rina passes away at 18

In a shocking announcement, it was revealed that Matsuno Rina had passed away due to a heart condition in the early hours of February 8th. Make sure to check out the full post for more details about what occurred.

Tsubaki Factory channel their inner 20’s idols for the Uruwashi no Camellia MV

Tsubaki Factory are quickly revealing more info about their debut single and so far they have done an amazing job getting the attention of many. After the catchy release of their EDM styled song Hatsukoi Sunrise, we get an upbeat song with the catchiest chorus in existence. Make sure to check it out!

Team Syachihoko go all dark and cool for the START MV

Team Syachihoko are synonymous for colorful and absurd MVs (almost as much as This time however, we get a cool rock styled instrumental with a simple MV that has a dark theme to it. It’s solid, catchy, and worth a look for those who like their idol music slightly edgy.

Morning Musume ’17 reveal more details for their 63rd single

My idols of choice will always be Momusu, and while their latest single might have been solid there was something missing (apart from more Oda Sakura in a cat costume). An ominous EDM song and a sexy song with rapping? Yes please! How about a special edition with a AKB48 x Momusu collaboration song and a Morning Coffee CM song? Take my money Hello! Project, take it all.

every♥ing! announce double graduation and final concert

every♥ing! had a fun and cute style as well as a unit name that required me to go and find a heart emoji to copy and paste. However, it seems like those days might soon come to an end as the pair have announced their intention to graduate this year with a final concert. Full details are in the post so check it out and please go to their final performance!

AKB48’s Suzuki Mariya announces graduation

In what has sadly become an almost daily routine, another AKB48 member has announced their intent to graduate. However, this time it’s a member that has been with the group for almost a decade. Mariya might be leaving the group, but she does appear to have some plans for after. Make sure to check the post for more details!

Notable Mentions


WHY@DOLL sounds like something a person would yell at an inanimate object as they trip, but it’s also the name for a cute duo of idols: Aoki Chiharu and Uratani Haruna.

Their upcoming single is titled Kimi wa Steady (out February 28th) and the title track not only has a catchy EDM feel and vocals, but also scenes of them as they get ready for a date set alongside the lights of the city.

It’s an adorable setting with a fun beat and the line Touch me baby repeated many times which fans are sure to enjoy so make sure to check it out.

Make sure to check out their releases over on CDJapan if you enjoyed this release. Touch me baby says the link below:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!