every♥ing! Announce Final Concert

every-ing Disbandment

every♥ing! members Kido Ibuki and Yamazaki Eri have announced that they will be graduating from the group this November.

Originally formed as a “high school unit”, Kido Ibuki and Yamazaki Eri originally planned on ending the unit once they finished high school but decided to continue due to the great response from fans. The pair have announced their intent to graduate once they turn 20 at their coming-of-age ceremony taking place in November.

Their final performance will take place at Nakano Sun Plaza on November 26th.

While sudden, it’s expected that the two have decided to go their separate ways since 20 is the common age where most idols decide to focus on their future.

However, the two have been active since June 2014 and currently have separate careers as voice actresses so it’s safe to say that they have bright futures ahead of them.

Best of luck Kido Ibuki and Yamazaki Eri!

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