Bitter & Sweet Announce Major Debut

Bitter Sweet Major Debut

Bitter & Sweet have announced their major debut single titled Shiawase ni Naritai. / Shashin ni wa Nokoranai Shoot.

Out May 17th, the single will be released under the label Piccolo Town.

Bitter & Sweet Major Debut

My knowledge of Bitter & Sweet might be limited but what is not limited is the amount of excitement that I have for the duo upon reading more about their history.

Performing back in 2014 at a Hello! Project concert, the duo have managed to release a handful of singles and mini albums throughout these past few years. Thankfully, it seems like the reception has resulted in them finally getting a bit more of exposure with a major label.

For now we only have a title for this release, but I’m excited to find out more about how they plan on debuting on their new label. We should find out in the coming months as information starts to come out.

Congratulations Tasaki Asahi and Hasegawa Moemi!

Bitter & Sweet OHP

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