NMB48’s Yamaguchi Yuki Announces Graduation

NMB48 Yamaguchi Yuki

NMB48 Team BII member Yamaguchi Yuki has announced her graduation from the group.

Her reason for graduating is due to her finishing her university courses and her desire to get into sales. Yamaguchi mentioned how she wishes to use her experience as being a part of NMB48 to help achieve her goal.

Yamaguchi was a founding member of NMB48 (often called the “mom of NMB48”), and joined as part of the 1st generation of the group.

A date for her graduation concert has not been confirmed.

Idols who have a desire to leave the group after they complete their university studies and face the world as an adult is nothing new. Thankfully, we get a bit more background into her decision and fans will be able to support her in her final days performing on stage.

Best of luck Yamaguchi Yuki!

Yamaguchi Yuki Profile

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