Cheeky Parade “Shout along!” MV Released

Cheeky Parade Shout Along

Cheeky Parade have released the MV for their upcoming single titled Shout along!.

Out April 26th, the single will be released in two editions: CD+DVD and an event exclusive version.

Colorful and random is the best way to describe this MV, as the covers below suggest. As the energetic and catchy song plays we get to enjoy some of the best scenes that Cheeky Parade has to offer, and offers a perfect example of why I love Japanese music so much.

It’s by far one of the most energetic and random releases from this group and one that fans are sure to appreciate simply because of all the visual effects. Make sure to check out the MV below and grab a copy of that single to help support Cheeky Parade!

Cheeky Parade Shout Along Cover



  1. Shout along
  2. shampoo & conditioner


  1. Shout along! (Music Video)

Cheeky Parade Shout Along Cover Event
Event – mu mo exclusive


  1. Shout along!
  2. shampoo & conditioner
  3. Shout along! (Instrumental)
  4. shampoo & conditioner (Instrumental)

Cheeky Parade OHP