PiiiiiiiN Announce Disbandment

Piiiiiiin Disbandment
Image source: Natalie.mu

PiiiiiiiN have announced that they will disband.

The notice of dissolution was posted on Twitter and announced at their recent live. It seems like the members talked about the future of the group and decided to go their separate ways.

It’s a sudden announcement and one that seems to have come after a period of silence from the group who had just celebrated their 3rd anniversary this past December.

Emiri did talk about the situation in her blog in depth, where she talked about how the group apologizes for not being able to reach their dream of performing at Budokan together. But, she does say that the members each had different feelings and desires on where to take the group, which ultimately ended in them deciding to disband.

She also mentions the three candidates from their recent audition announced back in September of last year to find a 7th member who will, unfortunately, not be needed anymore.

For those who are able to attend the final live I strongly encourage you to do so. Members of Piiiiiiin, we hope to see you again in some way, best of luck!

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