AKB48’s Oshima Ryoka Announces Graduation

AKB48 Oshima Ryoka

AKB48 Team B member Oshima Ryoka has announced her graduation from the group.

Oshima Ryoka revealed that the reason why she decided to leave the group is due to her finishing high school recently. Upon thinking about her future she decided to graduate from the group and become an actress.

Her graduation concert will be on June 8th.

While fans won’t be able to see her on stage as part of AKB48, it’s a relief to see that she will still be around as an actress. This is great for those who have followed this ace since she joined the group as part of the 13th generation back in 2011.

Those who wish to stay in contact with her can follow her on her new Instagram.

Best of luck Oshima Ryoka!