ROCK A JAPONICA “Dreaming Road” MV Released


ROCK A JAPONICA have released the MV for their track titled Dreaming Road.

Out April 15th, the track is part of the group’s event limited single titled Tamborine, Rinrin.

In the MV we get to enjoy a bit of history from ROCK A JAPONICA as they make their way towards their most recent tour. It’s a touching video that lets fans see just how hard they have worked, and one that is sure to get fans hyped for their 4th tour titled ~Revenge for 1000~.

While the singles might be event limited, it seems like those who get to go will have a surprising amount of choices. Two versions will be available: Hikari and Yume. The main difference are the coupling tracks, with Hikari having SPARKLE TOUR!! and Yume featuring Dreaming Road.

~Revenge for 1000~ kicks off on April 15th and will end on June 18th, so if you’re in the area make sure to check out the tour dates below. For now, we can at least enjoy a catchy song with a touching MV that is sure to please many!