Moso Calibration’s Futaba Nae Announces Graduation

Moso Calibration Futaba Nae

Moso Calibration member Futaba Nae has announced her graduation from the group.

According to the official Moso Calibration site, her graduation is a result of a violation to her contract (no additional details regarding what she did were revealed). Management mentioned how hard it would be for her to continue working as part of the group, and have decided to terminate all activities.

Futaba Nae had been in hiatus since November 2016 due to health problems.

As most contract violations go, it seems like her removal from the group was quick with her profile being removed from the site and her Twitter account being deleted.

Moso Calibration will continue as a 5 member group from now on.

Best of luck Futaba Nae!

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