BiS “Romeo no Shinzo” MV Released

BiS Kamiya Saki

BiS have released the MV for their track titled Romeo no Shinzo.

Out since February 22nd, the track is part of their 2nd album titled Re:STUPiD.

While the track has already been out for a few months, it’s great to see that promotion for this album still continues. In fact, we get a fairly creative MV that is sure to please those who already have the album.

As the ballad plays, we get a series of shots that show off the members (minus the two new members) as they do random stuff, like singing at a karaoke place or running in the streets. Each scene is short and has the members moving the camera quickly to make a seamless transition into the next scene.

It’s a unique concept that works well and gives us a cool look into the members as they hit the streets and do normal things. Add in the fact that the song is fairly relaxing and you have a solid release from BiS.

This is the last MV for some time that will feature the traditional lineup for BiS since Kamiya Saki is joining the group and Aya Eight Prince is joining GANG PARADE until September.

Make sure to check it out below and grab that album if you haven’t done so already!

Romeo no Shinzo

Note: MV is region locked

BiS Re:STUPiD Cover



  1. gives
  2. twisted grunge
  3. Mysterious Hall
  4. SAY YES
  5. Never Starting Song
  6. NOT the END
  7. Give me a chocolate
  8. Romeo no Shinzo
  9. Ashita ga Kurunara

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