BiS Announce 2 New Members, and More From WACK EXHiBiTiON


BiS, BiSH, and GANG PARADE recently performed as part of a 5 day long event. The end results ended with 2 new members for BiS, a member trade between GANG PARADE and BiS, as well as a new group.

Check out the full details below!

Kicking off the audition, we get introduced to several of the applicants who hope to join with the traditional puns based on current members. They’re also joined by current members of the groups including Pour Lui, Aina The End, Hashiyatsume Atsuko, Aya Eight Prince, and Yumeno Yua.

WACK Audtion 2017

All the members participated in typical audition events, including singing covers of their group’s songs like BiSBiS and Hoshi ga and performing choreography for a panel of judges.

However the bulk of the audition was seeing how they performed alongside members of the groups. Seeing the hopeful new faces dance alongside other members to Plastic 2 MercyHoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni, and BiSBiS was a treat and one that was packed with tears.

In the end we got 3 big revelations:

BiS gains 2 new members

BiS Members Nozumu Oshoji Megumi

BiS has 2 new members: Hirano Nozumu (Momoland) and Oshoji Megumi (Pan Luna Lieffe).

Why does BiS need new members after reforming less than 6 months ago with new members? Not sure, but hey they got them.

GANG PARADE’s Kamiya Saki and BiS’s Aya Eight Prince are being traded

It’s being described as a rental trade, so the move is not permanent. However, fans of the original BiS lineup are sure to be pleased that Kamiya is making a return to BiS, even if it’s only for 5 months. As for Aya Eight Prince, it should be an interesting experience for her to learn some new choreography and songs.

A new idol project titled Project aW

Project aW Members Gamiya Saki Momoko Gumi inc.

Project aW will feaure Gamiya Saki and Momoko Gumi inc. and will be a completely new project between WACK and Avex. Not many details are known about them, however, there will be auditions for additional members in the future.

Overall it seems like the audition was a success and a constant reminder of the unique ideas that Watanabe has for the WACK label. Full details about the events are listed below but make sure to stay tuned for more details about the new members!

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