PINK CRES. Announce Debut Album


Natsuyaki Miyabi’s new group PINK CRES. have announced their debut album titled crescendo.

Out June 28th, the album will be available in one edition.

There will be 9 songs included, although no information about the track list has been released.

The album crescendo will be available at Buono!’s Yokohama Arena concert titled Buono! Live 2017 ~Pienezza!~ that is scheduled to take place on May 22nd.

It has been so long since we found out about Natsuyaki Miyabi (former Berryz Koubou) making a separate group. In fact, their debut was announced on June 20, 2015, which is over 2 years ago.

Thankfully, we are finally getting some music to enjoy from this interesting trio who have been performing exclusively at events without any music release.

Information for their debut album is limited, but there is a cover available. Unfortunately, it’s on the small side but from what I can barely tell it looks fairly good:

Pink Cres crescendo Preview cover

Hopefully we get a bigger cover and more information about the track list since this seems like an amazing treat for those who have been waiting for some music.

Stay tuned for more details!