PINK CRES. “Kirei・Kawai・Mirai” and “fun fun fun” MVs Released


PINK CRES. have released the MVs for their tracks titled Kirei・Kawai・Mirai and fun fun fun.

Out June 28th, the tracks are part of their 1st album titled crescendo.

With the release date fast approaching, many fans were left wondering when Natsuyaki Miyabi’s group PINK CRES. would release some previews of their debut album. Thankfully the time has come and they are both wonderful!

Their 1st MV is taken straight from the final Buono! live where Miya gets on stage to perform alongside her group members Kobayashi Hikaru and Nihei Yuka. It’s a fairly light song with a J-pop feel (kind of Berryz Koubou-ish) that is sure to please fans of the more traditional side.

Kirei Kawai Mirai

PINK CRES. then go for another lightweight release but this time they go with a slight E-girl inspiration. The sound has a more fun tone to it which helps set it apart.

There are also a lot of colorful scenes in this MV, most of which are made up of selfies and photos of them enjoying a day out. There’s even a fidget spinner in there for relevance and a slow motion slap to the back, what else could you need?

fun fun fun

Make sure to check out both MVs since they are fairly well done!

pink cres crescendo



  1. fun fun fun
  3. One Sora
  4. Kirei・Kawai・Mirai
  5. Last Live
  6. Katasumi
  7. Warning ~Mirai Keiho~
  8. Tell me why
  9. Summer wonderland