Yurumerumo! “Eien no my boy” MV Released

Yurumerumo! Disco

Yurumerumo! have released the MV for their track titled Eien no my boy.

Out since June 28th, the track is part of their mini album titled Disco Psychedelica.

While Yurumerumo! are known for being incredibly creative with their releases, this one sides more on the calm side with a simple white background as the only setting. In fact, none of the members do anything at all except lay on the ground as they look up at the camera, allowing for some nifty camera magic to give it a nice touch.

It’s a solid video and one that matches the calm beat of the song. To some it might be a bit on the slow side but the ballad touch is one that helps round out this release well. Make sure to enjoy it below!

Eien no my boy

Yurumerumo! Disco Psychedelica Cover



  1. melted
  2. Moi Moi
  3. Unmee
  4. Waga Na to Wa
  5. Detekoi!
  6. Music 3, 4-bu de Owatchimau yo ne
  7. Furuete Yomigaere (remastered)
  8. Eien no my boy


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