NEVE SLIDE DOWN “Leaving” MV Released

neve slide down

NEVE SLIDE DOWN have released the MV for their 2nd single titled Leaving.

Out August 30th, the single will be released in one edition.

NEVE SLIDE DOWN have a sound that’s heavy in the electronic side, so it’s not surprising to see that their latest MV takes place in a party. In fact, most of the MV takes place in the middle of a party where they give their all as colorful lights flash behind them.

It’s a unique way of showing off the energy of the song which is packed from beginning to end with auto tune, electronic beats, and a fun sound that is sure to have fans pleased.

And then they knock out the cameraman with a punch. Why? I have no idea.

Make sure to check out this energetic release, ignore the unconscious man on the floor, and pick up your copy of the single below!


neve slide down cover leaving



  1. Leaving
  2. up all night
  3. Mellow dawn -Instrumental-



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